Your holiday starts at PANSION ALEXANDROS!

PANSION ALEXANDROS is built next to the beach and has an amazing view of the Aegean sea. It is located at the left bottom of the Kassandra leg of Halkidiki. Kassandra is the most famous and cosmopolitan peninsula of Chalkidiki. The hole business of tourism is highly developed because of its short distance from Thessaloniki and due to the continuous changes of magnificent sceneries between sea and mountains, so it has the ability to host many visitors and to satisfy all tastes.

From PANSION ALEXANDROS you can easily travel through the entire leg of Kassandra. Every village is only up to 15 min far away when traveling by car.In Kassandra you will be able to admire endless magical landscapes, picturesque bays, golden beaches, forests,and picturesque fishing villages. A visit to them will give you new experiences and stunning images of beautiful wooded beaches and squares with flowers island characteristics. Memories that we can assure you that you will never forget.

50 minutes far from the Macedonia airport of Thessaloniki. You will arrive easily and you will be able to use PANSION ALEXANDROS as a base, so you can start to visit all the magnificent landscapes and villages of Kassandra.
The magnificent facilities of the healing and thermal spa of Agia Paraskeuh is only 3 min far when using your car or 5 min when using the local transportation. The exeptional quality of the healing water that comes through the earth has got the ability to rejuvenate, relax and heal the deseases in muscles, bones and skin.