Dear customers,
With this letter we would like to inform you about the measures taken by our company to protect all of us from Covid-19, as well as about all the useful information during your stay.

• Our staff is fully informed about the protection measures taken by Covid-19, observes individual hygiene measures and makes use of the necessary special equipment.
• Checks his health daily and knows that he must inform about the procedures that are followed in case he feels unwell or has come in contact with a suspected case.
• A suspected case management plan has been developed BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL
• The necessary disinfection of the common areas has been done
• Your room has either been left empty for 24 hours, or has been thoroughly cleaned and ventilated as required.
• All decorative and unnecessary fabric items have been removed
• Particular attention has been paid to the cleaning of sensitive surfaces (knobs, remote controls, etc.)
• Fabric surfaces have been cleaned with a special steam cleaner
• Check-in (15:00) and check-out hours (11:00 am) have been set up in order to better clean the rooms
• Careful cleaning and storage of clothing has been done

• Due to the measures, frequent change of clothes and the frequent and daily entry of cleaning workers into your rooms are not allowed. If there is a need to change the linen or to clean your room, please let us know.
• When the staff enters your room for cleaning, use special personal equipment and observe safety precautions.
• Dirty clothing is carried in separate and closed bags. Clean clothing never comes in close contact with the dirty
• Non-residents are not allowed to enter the rooms
• Air-conditioning is recommended to be used either with open or closed windows in continuous operation.
• We avoid overcrowding with other residents throughout our stay
• In case of your illness, please inform us immediately
• There is a special medical kit for dealing with a case.
• An event book is kept
• A COMPLETELY customer file is kept in case of an accident, harmonized with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for reasons of Public Health Protection in the event of a Covid-19 case.
• There is the possibility of avoiding the use of cash, with the possibility of charging your room and paying your card account upon departure.
• It is possible to send the receipt or invoice by e-mail to avoid contact with documents
• All measures of the current legislation are observed
• The spaces have been designed to keep the distances
• There are antiseptics in prominent places